Beaver Tree Service Autumn Newsletter


Welcome to the Beaver Tree Service Autumn Newsletter! Bringing you the latest news, tips and general busy Beaver updates.

Beaver Tree Service Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to the Beaver Tree Service Autumn Newsletter!
Bringing you the latest news, tips and general busy Beaver updates.

Battling the Blaze with Some Glaze(-d Donuts)

On the 14th of February 2024 a fire broke out in Port Hills, Christchurch.  While our team members were not directly affected, some of our many clients were, being evacuated and fearing for their homes.

We wanted to help in any way we could, so Belinda, our Christchurch Office Manager, dropped off some boxes of donuts to the command hub for the men and women battling the fire.  We know this is only just a small gesture on the scale of things, but if every business did small things like this, it would make a massive impact.

While we wanted to do more, we also respect that sometimes there is very little we can do other than staying safe and staying away.
We salute those men and women who worked so hard to get the fire under control.

Ballsy Beavers!

This year, Beaver Tree Service wants to give even more by encouraging more kids to participate in sports like basketball.  One of our directors, Bryce Robb, is very  passionate about basketball and wants to share this passion with our youth.  So this year Beaver will be starting an incentive with schools, donating balls to encourage more young people to play sport.

While the incentive initially focussed on basketball, following Bryce’s passion, we have realised that different ages and strengths mean different sports will suit different kids, so we have extended the scope of this project to include football and netball.

In March, our Taupo team got to kick this incentive off with a rousing game of football at Wairakei Primary School.

The final score maybe unknown, but the kids definitely beat our boys! In celebration of their great victory, we have gifted them the ball used for this amazing match!

We hope to approach more schools as the year progresses with an opportunity to take part in the Balls for Schools programme.

We’ve Branched Out…Again!

Like the trees we work with, we just keep on growing!  And this time we’re branching out into the Wairarapa.

Recently, Nick Ellis owner operator of TreeCraft, received his ecology degree and decided to begin a new career as an ecologist.  Nick searched carefully for a buyer of his business, he wanted someone with the same values, passion and commitment to look after his valued clients going forward, and, as of the 29th of February 2024, TreeCraft became Beaver Tree Service.

We are really excited to be able to continue to provide the excellent service and outstanding tree work Nick’s clients have come to expect.  We want to thank Nick for not only placing his faith in Beaver Tree Service, but for all the hard work he has done for the community over the last decade.  He will be missed in the arboriculture society, and we wish him well in his new career.

If you, or anyone you know, has a property in the Wairarapa give Beaver Tree Service a call!


Clash of the Colleges

On the 8th of March 60 teams from schools across the Central to Lower North Island took part in the Clash of the Colleges.  Part of the Rural Games weekend, Beaver Tree Service had the opportunity to sponsor the Tree Climb, Arb module and also take part in the careers fair.

Sponsoring events like the Clash of the Colleges enables us to support kids who want to participate and learn about all sorts of outdoor skills!

Bryce, Mary, John and Helen had a great day chatting to prospective future arborists about our apprenticeship programme and what it means to be an arborist.

Supporting events like these and our young people with apprenticeship programs not only ensures the future of arboriculture but also keeps skills-based industries going.

In Case of Emergency

In March of this year we had the privilege of working with Fire and Emergency NZ who were battling a blaze near Otaki.  Ben, our Kapiti Quoting Manager and Jacob, our Manawatu Quoting Manager, joined the emergency services at 7am Sunday the 24th of March.  Their job was not to battle the blaze, but to strategically take down trees whose removal would continue to slow and eventually stop the fire.

This work is just one of many reasons we have instituted an after-hours emergency line.  If you have an emergency, for example if a tree has fallen on your house or driveway, you can call Beaver Tree Service at any time of day.  For an after-hours or weekend emergency, phone 0800 423 283 and select option 1.  During business hours phone and choose your location.

We will do everything we can to help you, no matter the situation.

Another Amazing Arbor Day Giveaway!

And just like that, 4 months of the year are gone, and Arbor Day is back on the horizon!

We’re doing it again, a great Arbor Day Giveaway!  As with last year we want to celebrate our community heroes and gift some deserving people with a Beaver Tree Makeover, valued up to $1000.

If you would like to take part, make sure you follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for posts calling for nominations.
You will be asked to tag your nomination and provide some details on why they deserve to be considered for this amazing prize.

We will also be running our annual Arbor Day Colouring Competition.  Simply print the page, get colouring, take a photo and send it in!


Autumn tips for gardens

  • Clean Up:
    Begin by tidying up the garden, removing any dead or diseased plants, weeds, and debris. This helps prevent the spread of diseases and pests over winter.
  • Harvesting:
    Continue harvesting any remaining crops from the summer garden, such as tomatoes, peppers, and beans. Make use of the abundance by preserving or storing excess produce.
  • Planting:
    Autumn is a good time to plant most trees, shrubs, and perennials. The soil is still warm, allowing roots to establish before winter sets in.
    Plant your bulbs that flower in spring like daffodils, tulips, and crocuses for a burst of wonderful colour in the garden next spring.
  • Composting:
    Collect fallen leaves, spent plants, and other garden debris to add to the compost pile. Autumn provides an abundance of organic material to enrich the compost and create nutrient-rich soil for next year’s garden.
  • Planning for Winter Interest:
    Consider adding plants with winter interest, such as evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses, and plants with colourful berries or bark, to provide visual appeal during the colder months.



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