Beaver Tree Service are expert arborists who specialise in tree removal, tree trimming, hedge trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding and stump removal.


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Our Services

Beaver Tree can help with removing difficult to get to trees, large trees and groups of trees.

Removing difficult to get to trees, large trees and groups of trees.

View restorations and reductions

Height reductions to restore your views and gain more winter sun.

Tree pruning for tree health

Pruning for overall health to encourage string and well-formed trees.

Tree & hedge trimming

Trimming trees and hedges to give them a nice shape and keep them tidy.

Storm damage and site clearance by Beaver Tree

Storm damage clearing and full site clearance of trees and shrubs, including stump grinding and full clean up.

Emergency Call Outs

When disaster strikes we are here to help.

Beaver Tree Service believe our tree cutting, tree pruning and tree removal skills are what makes us second-to-none arborists from Christchurch to Taupo to Palmerston North and everything in between. We offer stump grinding services as well as our tree pruning and tree removal services.

We have expert arborists across the Central to Lower North Island and Christchurch.

Give us a call, or email us through our contact form, and we’ll be in touch quickly to discuss how we can help you transform your trees, your garden and your life.

Our Community

Arbor Day 2023

Celebrating community heroes with a Beaver Tree ‘Makeover’.

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Whanganui Boys and Girls Gym Club

Supporting a local facility so they did not have to close.

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Aria Bannister – Supporting a Squash Superstar

Assisting with training costs for an outstanding young player.

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Basketballs for schools

Encouraging students to get active and play!

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Riding for the Disabled

Sponsoring a horse in Whanganui.

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Latest Articles

April Tree Care in New Zealand

As autumn settles in New Zealand during April, trees undergo significant changes, signalling a transition from the vibrant hues of summer to the cooler tones of fall. April presents a critical time for tree care, where skillful tree maintenance can ensure the health and vitality.

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Understanding Residential Tree Removal in New Zealand

In the serene landscapes of New Zealand, residential tree removal is sometimes a necessity, whether due to safety concerns, landscape redesign, or the health of the tree itself. However, the process is not without its risks.

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Exploring the Roots:

Arboriculture, the cultivation and management of trees, has a rich and diverse history spanning millennia. From ancient civilizations to modern practices, the story of arborists and arboriculture is intertwined with human development and the shaping of our environment.

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Autumn Storms and Residential Trees

Autumn storms in New Zealand are a captivating display of nature's power and unpredictability that can have a profound impact on the diverse array of trees that dot the Kiwi landscape.

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The Vital Role of Arborists

New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes and pristine environments are a source of pride for its residents. Many homeowners are fortunate to enjoy stunning views right from their own properties. However, over time, these scenic vistas can be compromised by overgrown or invasive trees and vegetation.

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