Pruning for health

Tree pruning is your most effective form of tree maintenance for overall health and to keep your trees growing well. This mode of tree trimming keeps specimens under control and helps avoid tree removal.

Beaver Tree Service’s tree pruning and tree shaping expertise can return unsightly and unhelpful plants to their natural form and best appearance.
Tree pruning, through expert cutting and trimming, allows you to turn an unsightly tree into a beautiful picture. We have years of experience doing this and know the best ways to achieve the look you are after without risking the life of the tree. It is very important to understand the needs of different trees. For some it is important to prune at a certain time of year, for others the key is to how you prune them. There are many other factors, as well, that go into a successful tree pruning project.

If you find yourself in the situation of having had incorrect pruning or topping done, our arborists may be able to correct the damage and rejuvenate tree foliage.

If disease has affected your trees or plants and caused harm, our experts have the skills to correct the problem and see it flourish!

Pruning is good for many trees. It encourages health in the tree by opening it up to air and sunlight. It can also help the tree to look better, or simply be the appropriate height and size for its location in your property. Pruning of apple trees or other fruit trees, for example, can also help promote growth of new fruit-bearing branches, and Beaver Tree Service’s trained arborists can advise the best time to carry it out. It is important to prune your trees at the correct time of year, as not doing so may harm the tree.

By trimming the lower branches of a tree, light and space for other plants can be created, and other garden features may be better revealed.

Tree pruning can also add character to a formless specimen, making it look much more attractive. This can bring a new lease of life to a tree that hasn’t been offering your garden much.

Our qualified teams don’t randomly hack your trees and shrubs, but with skilled work leave them in optimal health.

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