Spring Is One Of The Most Important Seasons

Spending time now on seasonal maintenance will ensure your trees are healthy and strong for the upcoming growing season..

Spring is in the Air

Spring is one of the most important seasons for tree care.

Spending time now on seasonal maintenance will ensure your trees are healthy and strong for the upcoming growing season where they are most active. Get into your garden and call your local arborist too!

It’s a debate that happens every year, but personally, I think spring really starts to kick in at the equinox, this year falling on Wednesday, 23rd September.  This is when most trees start to put their leaf on, which in turn starts changing the skyline through to next Autumn, when the cycle begins again.

I find we have an influx of calls for pruning and general tree work simply because the garden is far more welcoming as the day light hours become longer.  This draws people from inside the house to the outdoors and into their gardens.

Not only is spring a great time to look after your existing trees, but it is also the perfect time to be planting new ones.  To do this, we are often called in to remove an unwanted tree, or a tree that has outgrown its surroundings. We are skilled arborists and can handle tree removal comfortably and can avoid many of the common problems. When planting, take the time to consider what tree you will plant in an area to avoid size or space issues in the future.

Although the best time of year for pruning is when the tree is dormant, now is a good time to be removing dead, damaged or broken branches as it will help encourage new growth. It’s important to prune your trees to give them the best look and health.

Spring is when garden enthusiasts start mulching and generally tidying their gardens to make the most of summer, especially socializing with family and friends outdoors.  Mulching is great for moisture retention, temperature moderation and inhibiting weed growth to name a few.  We will delve further into this in future articles.

It is also a great time for a new garden project to start taking shape.

One of my favorite types of trees at the moment is a port wine magnolia which has an incredible fragrance.  I’m going to plant some of these myself up our driveway.  It is always a pleasure at this time of year to work in various gardens and witness the buds breaking out and trees coming to life.


Bryce Robb is Director/Head Arborist of Beaver Tree Service


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