What Is Tree Stump Grinding?


Tree Stump Grinding Explained

What Is Tree Stump Grinding?

In this article, I explain some basics of tree stump grinding.

Tree stump grinding refers to grinding the stump after it has been removed. This process is done by a specialized machine called the stump grinder. The stump grinder works by turning the tree stump into fresh mulch that can be easily removed by the owner, clearing the land out for new purposes.

Tree stumping is a popular process for landowners who might want to do something new with their land. Tree stumps don’t offer any plausible benefits for the ground or the owner, but may be cause for concern, as discussed below.

Reasons for tree stump grinding?

As the owner of a property, may want to choose stump grinding for many reasons.

Decaying tree stump

A decaying tree stump is not aesthetically pleasing for your yard. Not only can it deteriorate the look of your garden, but it might also end up depreciating your property value. Stumps can be removed from even the trickiest locations, and we even have non-mechanical solutions available. Call to enquire.

Limits planting of new trees

If tree stumps are in your yard, they might restrict the planting of new trees. Tree stump grinding allows you to plant new trees or any other plant.


Tree stumps may be a tripping hazard for your family members, especially young kids playing in the yard. If the stump is freshly cut, it may have sharp edges that might cause injury.

Moreover, tree stumps may come in the way of lawn mowing and be hazardous.

Prevents critter spreading

Rotting tree stumps can be a fertile ground for fungi and pests to grow and spread, which may end up impacting the other flora in your beautiful garden.

Tree Stump Removal Process

Tree stump removal usually involves using a heavy machine and there is, as with any heavy machinery, an element of danger. Thus, stump removal should be handled by professionals who are health and safety focused and ensure all the correct processes are in place and followed. Health and safety is part of Beaver Tree Services’s DNA so you can be assured that our staff, you and your property will be kept safe.

Step 1: Inspect the area and ensure safety

Inspection of the area is essential. The arborist must first clear the land and ensure the ground is stable enough for the stump grinder.

Safety is the top priority for a professional, and there are many safety measures to ensure no harm is caused to either people or property. E.g. A good tree removal professional will shovel all the rocks and plants around the base of the stump, as they may cause risk to the stump grinder. For example, the rocks may dull the stump grinder wheel and cause severe damage or fly around and injure the members involved.

Step 2: Chainsaw the stump

After the area around the stump has been cleared, the professional will chainsaw the stump as low as possible to reduce the amount of stump grinding needed, speeding up the process and limiting any mess.

Step 3: Use the stump grinder

The professional will place the stump grinder on the stump and lower the wheel blade, cutting into the stump. The wheel cutter is moved side to side to cut into the wood. This will continue until the stump is cut well below the ground’s surface.

Step 4: Clean up

The process creates wood chips, which need to be cleaned up and either taken away or mixed into the hole. Wood chips can be saved for mulch.

Step 5: Filling of the hole

After everything is done, the hole is filled and made level with the rest of the ground.


Hopefully that explains some of the basics of stump grinding to you.

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