Arborist Services

The comprehensive care, management and maintenance of parks, reserves, streets and residential gardens trees is known as arboriculture.

As well as tree pruning and removal Beaver Tree Service arborists can provide an objective and comprehensive evaluation of your trees, hedges and shrubs, and a plan and budget for their upkeep or removal.

As expert tree surgeons our expertise covers tree pruning, thinning and shaping; all of which improve their health and aesthetics.

The cause of damaged or unhealthy trees is a specialty, and rather than tree removal, you may wish to use cable bracing and propping of a loved specimen.

Our arboriculture consultations can also identify and evaluate potentially hazardous trees to people or your property.

Health and safety is part of our DNA, and we are fully compliant with all practices and legislation.

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Teena Johnson, Somerset Crescent School, Palmerston North
February 13, 2019

"I would like to congratulate and thank the Beaver Tree Team who we're on-sight at Somerset Crescent School for 3 days in January 2019. Throughout the 3 days the team communicated clearly, we're well prepared, and worked safely and calmly around the school grounds. All staff and the community commented on how friendly and positive the team were while they were here. Everyone (school staff, students and community neighbours) enjoyed watching from a distance as the team skilfully trimmed trees, cut down entire trees, mulched up the wood, and cleaned up the areas they worked in after each day. During the 3 days it was extremely hot, yet not one moan, or discouraging word was heard, in fact the extreme opposite. The team encouraged one another, laughed and were part of our school.

Thank you team for making our school a safer place to be in. Thank you for helping us be able to see all our students on the fields, in the playgrounds and in their classrooms. Thank you for beautifying our environment, it looks amazing."