Difficult & large tree removal

Beaver Tree Service prides itself on skilled arborists who can remove difficult to get to trees, large trees and groups of trees which are awkwardly located or which pose a threat to surrounding property.

We understand the need for tree removal in a variety of situations, whether a tree has become to large, is encroaching or overhanging structures, has become dangerous or is just in the way. There are also occasions when Beaver Tree Service will advocate the removal of a tree, either because it has been poorly pruned or because it is no longer healthy or safe to be around.

Getting rid of trees can be difficult and dangerous because of size, location or the presence of power lines.

Beaver Tree Service has the expertise and specialised equipment to remove dead, unwanted or unsafe trees, removal which won’t damage nearby gardens or property.

Whether your tree removal requires modern rigging systems or mobile cranes to safely cut it down, Beaver Tree Service has the arborists to handle your job from Christchurch to Whanganui to Kapiti.

The removal of large trees can be dangerous and here at Beaver Tree Services we are very serious about safety. We have a full range of safety equipment and gear, as well as carefully prepared processes that we have developed over many years to remove your tree as safely as possible. Don’t let cowboys come and remove your tree in an unsafe way – this may result in damage to your property, your house and even injuries to people.

There’s no point in living with an unsightly tree stump. It not only looks unpleasant but uses up valuable room in your garden. We can clear your area by stump grinding, and recycle all organic material into firewood or mulch. It’s great to know that your tree material is being recycled and reused in such a green way.

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