Difficult tree removal

Beaver Tree Service prides itself on skilled arborists who can prune or remove trees which are awkwardly located, or which pose a threat to surrounding property.

If you have trees placed in difficult to access locations or a tree that is in a tricky spot – don’t worry! You may have trees near fences, or behind buildings, and are worried about damaging property when the tree is removed. Our specialist arborist teams are experienced at using rigging systems to safely lower branches, and remove the trunk of difficult trees. This is all done with a minimal footprint and without making a mess. We recycle all the organic material, which can be used as mulch in your garden, if you desire, or cut into firewood. When even have stump grinding services available to recover that piece of ground the tree was using. We take care of this last remaining part of the tree.

As with all our projects, Beaver Tree Service completely clean up your garden before we leave.

Health and safety is part of our DNA, and we are fully compliant with all practices and legislation.

Free quotes

If you have a difficult tree you’d like removed or pruned, we provide free quotes.

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