Avoiding Tree Pruning Scams


We have recently been made aware of a scam involving tree work in some of the areas we work in

Avoiding Tree Service Scams

Honesty, speed, and reliability are what you should expect from a highly experienced arborist. The company should be fully certified, licensed, health and safety compliant, insured – not to mention fully committed to providing quality without compromise in all their tree care services.

We have recently been made aware of a scam involving tree work in some of the areas we work in (from Christchurch to Whanganui, Wellington to Taupo).  Clients’ report being bullied and intimidated by these opportunists.  Someone will knock on your door and claim one of your trees is looking dangerous or unhealthy and, as they ‘happen to be in the area working’, they can prune or remove the tree there and then.

Asking for money up front, not having the right equipment for the job, and little or no knowledge of health and safety are serious indicators that something is not adding up.

A high-vis jacket does not a professional make – often these individuals are unqualified, uninsured, will prune a tree that does not need work, prune it poorly, and generally provide a poor service.

At Beaver Tree Service we always recommend getting a quote before the work is done, and if you’ve not had tree work done before then google the company and read reviews posted from previous clients.    Quotes can vary greatly, so it is worth considering things like the reputation of the company, does the company have their own gear or are there additional charges for hiring equipment, is it a fixed price or an hourly rate, does the quote include clean up? Find the facts before you begin any tree removal or pruning – any good company should be willing to advise you.

We will always send an experienced and qualified arborist to complete quotes, this allows them to assess any risks, access issues, as well as talk through the true nature of the work to be completed, allowing a detailed and accurate quote to be provided.

Beaver Tree Service are Your Trusted Professionals.  We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and exceptional tree care.

If you have any questions, please call us today, we would be happy to discuss your tree care requirements or concerns.

Bryce Robb

Director/Head Arborist of Beaver Tree Service