Why Your Neighbour’s Trees Matter More Than You Think


Your neighbour's trees can have a positive or negative impact...

Why Your Neighbour’s Trees Matter More Than You Think

Trees provide many benefits to our lives, including shade, clean air, and attracting birds and insects, making our neighbourhoods pleasant places to live.  However, it’s not just your own trees that matter.

Your neighbour’s trees can have a positive or negative impact on your property. A tree’s branches can extend over the boundary line and cause damage to your roof, gutters, or vehicles, roots can lift paving or damage fences. On the other hand, a well-placed tree can offer privacy, reduce noise pollution, and even increase your home’s value.

If you have concerns about your neighbours’ trees, the first step is to talk to them; your neighbour may not even be aware there is a problem! Explain your concerns and offer possible solutions. For example, if a tree is causing damage to your property, suggest pruning or trimming it.

The reverse also applies, the trees on your property can have either a positive or negative impact on your neighbours!  Should they come to you with any concerns, start by listening and engaging in a conversation. Should you require help or support around this, call Beaver Tree Service, and we can offer another perspective.

At Beaver Tree Service, the relationship between our clients and their neighbours is very important to us.  We are always happy to come in and provide advice or offer suggestions to help find an outcome that everyone can agree on.

Yours and your neighbour’s trees are an essential part of your neighbourhood. Understanding the positives and negatives of these trees can help you maintain healthy relationships with your neighbours and let you all enjoy the benefits.

Bryce Robb

Director/Head Arborist of Beaver Tree Service