Tree reports

Tree reports and tree evaluations are often required in neighbour disputes, resource consents and new subdivisions, by councils, lawyers and developers.

As well as tree pruning and tree removal Beaver Tree Service’s trained arborists can provide a thorough tree assessment and comprehensive report for safety, compliance and legal purposes.

Our skilled arborists can inspect your situation and help you with preparing and planning for changes to your landscape. This is critical where there are safety or legal issues to consider when it comes to your trees.

These tree reports accurately map sites along with advice for the protection of specific trees – including identification of any protected trees and a risk assessment of potentially hazardous specimens.

Many people take advantage of these tree reports as they provide expert advice on tree removal, tree pruning and any need for stump grinding.

Schools are another location which often require tree reports, and our arboricultural assessments help boards of trustees determine the best, most safe options for their properties.

Health and safety is part of our DNA, and we are fully compliant with all practices and legislation.

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